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Looking for doll clothes and accessories? Sew Dolling® has a HUGE assortment of quality clothes for American Girl®, Bitty Baby®, Lee Middleton® and Boy Dolls. We even offer our own line of Sew Able® Dolls that are perfect for play therapy and disability awareness. Use our site map to quickly find exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy!

What’s New at Sew Dolling® – New doll clothes, furniture and accessories are added on a regular basis. Check out some of our new inventory!

About Us – Learn more about Sew Dolling® and our Sew Able® line of “Handicapable” Dolls

Clothes by Category
  • Dolly Sew Casual – High quality and unique shorts, overalls, shirts, pants, Capri pants and more.
  • School Clothes – Find uniforms, dresses, jackets and jeans for 18 inch dolls.
  • Dressed to the 9’s – You will have the best dressed doll in town with these beautiful sets. Find party frocks, prom gowns, wedding ensembles, First Communion doll dresses and more!
  • Holiday Apparel – Find holiday gowns as well as cute Halloween costumes for your 18 inch and American Girls.
  • Sports Dollight – Your doll likes to exercise too! Find soccer, cheerleading, gymnastics, dance, skating, jogging and horse riding equipment in our Sports Department.
  • Outdoor Fun – Find a wide selection of year-round outdoor play sets and clothes for your 18 inch doll.
  • Dolly’s Slumberwear – Bring your doll with you to your next sleepover party! Find the most adorable pajama sets, bathrobes and sleeping bags here. Tip: Tote everything in one of our beautiful doll trunks!
  • Colonial Times – These replica doll clothes from other eras and countries are a perfect addition to your collection and make learning fun! Find traditional prairie and colonial outfits as well as Swedish and German dresses.
  • Boy’s Department – We couldn’t leave the boys out! Find 18 inch boy dolls, clothes and accessories here.
  • Baby Doll Clothes – These dresses and baby doll sets are the perfect size for Lee Middleton®!

Clothes & Accessories by Doll

  • Sew Able® Dolls – Unique patented line of 18” play therapy dolls and physical therapy equipment. A portion of each sale will be donated to children's hospitals.
  • 18 Inch Doll Clothes – Find a collection of school clothes and play outfits for your 18 inch doll. From uniforms to casual outfits, these cute ensembles are perfect for any occasion.
  • Accessories & Clothes for American Girl® Dolls - Find a wide selection of clothes, furniture and American Girl® dolls at Sew Dolling®. We have retired items, unique outfits and a large assortment of accessories. Start building your collection at Sew Dolling®!
  • Bitty Baby® – Find accessories and clothes for Bitty Baby® and Bitty Twins at Sew Dolling®, LLC. We even have retired items and accessories including tea sets and toboggans.
  • Angelina Ballerina® Dolls, Gift Sets & More - Sew Dolling® is your one-stop shop for Angelina Ballerina and friends! We have a wonderful selection of new and retired sets, books, and dolls.
  • Lee Middleton® Collection – Sew Dolling® offers Lee Middleton® dolls, dresses, clothing, shoes and furniture including Sold Out Editions!


  • Doll Accessories Sew CuteEvery possible accessory for your doll can be found at Sew Dolling. Find backpacks, playable games, musical instruments, doll food, sports gear and much more… perfect for American Girl® Dolls, Lee Middleton and other 18 inch dolls.
  • Lingerie & Socks – Find designer socks, underwear sets and fashion tights in an assortment of colors, prints and styles!
  • Doll Shoes – From quality hiking boots, sneakers and clogs to the latest dressy shoes, our Footwear Department is stocked with the cutest shoes for your doll. Pick a pair for every outfit! We have shoes for 18 inch dolls as well as footwear for 19-22 inch babydolls.
  • Musical Instruments - Find everything from tubas, saxaphones and even an accordian for your musically inclined dolls!



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Thank you for Visiting Sew Dolling® Doll Clothes and Accessories for our Sew Dolling® Dolls, American Girl® and other 18 inch dolls.  Please take a look at our new Sew Able® dolls, great for Play therapy and all the wonderful doll furniture we have.  Not to forget, we also have the the popular Rugged Boy Dolls created by Sew Dolling®LLC in 2011.  We have limited Lee Middleton® dolls and doll clothes and shoes that fit them also!   We are not affiliated with the American Girl® or Lee Middleton® Company or any other 18 inch doll company.  Our Boy Dolls are Going FAST!  The 18 inch doll clothes are all interchangeable except one or 2 of the boy outfits.  Shop around, find fun doll clothes, furniture, accessories, little girls love to shop here for their dolls!

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