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18" Doll belly dancing outfit

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Doll holiday costume 18 outfit


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Find NEW doll clothes and accessories for your American Girl® doll or 18 inch doll!  Browse Sew Dolling® for great new accessories for play therapy dolls...every department gets new inventory on a regular basis. Check back often as our doll clothes, toys and accessories are constantly changing.

 NEW INVENTORY ADDED EVERYWHERE!! NEW American Girl®/Bitty Baby® page!



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Tiny Perfection game for your doll

  18" Boy Dolls and   Mini Board Games

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doll jeep american girl

boy dolls 18 inch

Special Departments!




American Girl® Pleasant Company Items:

      Samantha's Doll Trunk

     Kit's Doll Trunk

     Halloween Costume

     Cheerleader Outfit

     Gymnastics Outfit

     Felicity's Locket

     Marisol's Dance, Duffle, Cat

     Softball Set

     Dogsled Outfit

     Doll Bedding & PJ's




School Days:



     Report Card & Books

     Photography & Scrapbooking Set

     School Accessories

     Old Fashioned Desk

     Painting & Drawing Set


Sports Dollight:

     Gymnastics Balance Beam & Leotard

     Gymnastics Uneven & Parallel Bars

     Gymnastics Outfit by American Girl

     Trampoline & Gym Mat

     Cheerleading Outfits

     Fairy Outfit

     Ballet Outfits

     Ice Skating

     Soccer Uniforms    

     Tennis Outfit, Racket, Tennis Balls

     Riding Habits

     Warmup Suits/Jogging Suits


Dolling Footwear:

     Sports Sneakers

     Flowered Tennis Shoes


     New Sandals

     Ice Skates


     Cowboy Boots

     Dressy Mary Janes

     Slippers of all kinds


Baby Nursery:  (Cute Items)

     Jenny Lind Sweetheart Cradle (Swinging)

     Graco® Doll-Size Carrier

     Graco® Doll-Size High Chair 

     Graco® Doll-Size Pack'N'Play 

     Round Wooden Doll Crib with Canopy

     Round Metal Doll Crib with Canopy

     Looks like the real thing, only smaller


Furniture Boutique:

     Doll Trunks

     Kitchen Furniture (Oven, Microwave, Washing   Machine

     Pots and Pans

     Kitchen Table/2 Chairs

     Bunk Bed for 18 and 23" dolls

     4-Poster Bed

     Canopy Bed

     Canopy Bed Flowered

     White Brass Sweetheart Bed


     Oil Lamps

     Coffee Tables

     Courting Bench


      Sweaters of ALL types

         ALL HANDMADE !

     Horse Sweaters,

     Horse & Foal Sweaters

     Animal Sweaters

     Kitty Purrs Sweater

     Bear Hugs Sweater

     Multicolor Sweater w/Scarf

     Reindeer Sweater & Hat

     Preppy White Sweater

     Snow White Costume

     Fairy Princess Costume

     Dorothy Costume

     Cowboy/Cowgirl Outfit

     Chinese New Year Outfit

     German Dress

     Colonial Laced Jacket & Petticoat

     Felicity generic Riding Outfit

     Felicity's generic Traveling Gown

     Kit's generic coat

     Nellie's generic coat

     Faux Mink Coat & Pants

     Christmas Dress Sets

     White Fur Coats


Dolly Sew Casual

      Plaid Skirt & Sweater

     Frayed Jean Skirt & Shirt

     Fun Shopping Outfit

     Summer Jumpers

     School Uniforms

     John Deere® Shirt & Overalls

     Pep Rally Outfit

     Back to School Outfits

     Dragonfly Bellbottoms

     Cargo Pants

     Field Trip Outfit

     Best Friend Outfit

     Camouflage Outfit


Accessories Sew Cute:

     Clothes Hangers

     Faux Designer Purses

     Musical Instruments

     Violin & Bow








     Electric Guitar




     Painting & Drawing Set

     Photography & Scrapbook Set

     Report Card and book


Outdoor Fun:

     Camping Outfit

     Camping Tent

     Camping Accessories

     Sleeping Bag & Backpack

     Rain Sets

     Many Color Shorts



     Skating or Ski Outfit



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Thank you for Visiting Sew Dolling® Doll Clothes and Accessories for our Sew Dolling® Dolls, American Girl® and other 18 inch dolls.  Please take a look at our new Sew Able® dolls, great for Play therapy and all the wonderful doll furniture we have.  Not to forget, we also have the the popular Rugged Boy Dolls created by Sew Dolling®LLC in 2011.  We have limited Lee Middleton® dolls and doll clothes and shoes that fit them also!   We are not affiliated with the American Girl® or Lee Middleton® Company or any other 18 inch doll company.  Our Boy Dolls are Going FAST!  The 18 inch doll clothes are all interchangeable except one or 2 of the boy outfits.  Shop around, find fun doll clothes, furniture, accessories, little girls love to shop here for their dolls!

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