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(Wheelchairs, Arm Braces, Walkers, Parallel Bars,

Trampolines, Gym Mats, Swiss Therapy Balls)

Items are Detailed and Made For Children over 12 years and up !


disabled dolls with walkers, braces, american girl size

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Adorable Metal Wheelchair

Perfect for 18" dolls

This is a nice replica of the real thing.  It is made of metal, not plastic.  It is perfectly sized to fit the 18" Sew *ABLE* Dolls, but it will also fit other 18" dolls.  Each wheelchair was handmade and therefore no two are identical.  Great quality metal!!

wheelchair with disabled doll

Features include a double pocket on the back with the phrase "Sew *ABLE*® ...and Special Like Me" embroidered in blue and white.  The wheelchair also has movable foot rests, hand brake and a seat belt to keep the doll safe and secure.

small toy metal wheelchair sew dolling

words sew able and special like me

doll size metal cheelchair




friends in play therapy using disabled dolls

"One Step at a Time!"

It's not easy but we ALL help each other!


Arm Braces

Made of metal with grey leather clips to go around the arms and blue handles to hold onto.  The bottom has rubber feet to help her so she won't slip.  Fits 18" dolls.


sew able fore arm braces

sew able arm braces fit 18 inch dolls

Arm Braces


Sold Out - Hopefully Back in Stock by Spring!!!!


mat, trampoline, and walker



This adorable walker looks so much like the real ones that is hard to imagine that it is really sized for the 18" dolls.  It is made of metal with a cross bar for support and blue handles.  The bottom has rubber feet to help her so she won't slip.

walker great play therapy for child and doll




doll-size walker






Sew *ABLE*® and Special  Like ME...



Amazing Trampoline is the perfect size for the 18" doll.  This item is a little replica of the big ones that kids jump on.  The springs on the bottom are so similar and the mesh jump zone is made from the same heavy duty material on the big ones.  Cute blue edge makes this even more authentic.  Each leg is screwed on.  That is the only assembly necessary for this item. The bottom also has rubber feet for style. 

Sold Out - Hopefully Back in Stock by Spring!!!!

play therapy ideas for handicapabled children

18 inch doll mat and walker for disabled children

trampoline for fun therapy



trampoline safe for toys and children

Shows bottom of Trampoline

(Made like the real ones)







Gym Mat


Swiss Therapy Balls

A Gym mat is exactly what your doll needs to sit on in order to stretch and exercise.  Four High Quality Swiss Therapy Balls are included with the mat to help her with her strength and coordination after a procedure.  The Swiss therapy balls also have a miniature inflator pump (not shown in photo) to pump the air into the therapy balls. 

This is a fun set for any doll.

This set includes the Blue and White Gym Mat, 4 Swiss Therapy Balls (blue is not shown in photo but is included) and Inflator Air Pump.

play therapy for you and dolly

gymnastic mat for your play therapy

Gym Mat, Swiss Therapy Balls & Air Pump (items for children over 12)



(Trampoline not included)

Sold Out - Hopefully Back in Stock by Spring!!!!

dolling friends with handicaps and disabled challenges


Parallel Bars

This is an ideal item for helping your doll learn to walk again.  The bars are metal and move up and down for an adjustable height.  (These can also be used as Uneven Bars for the doll who is into gymnastics).  The base is made of a thick, heavy, and durable wood and has two non-slip strips on each end.  Stabilizer bars are also included for looks but do not have to be used to move the bars.  The red pins will hold the parallel bar to the inside standing metal bar in just about any position.  You do not need to worry about lining them up perfectly as they will screw into the metal bar as well as the holes and are adjustable for taller dolls.  Made for children over 12.

doll parallel bars for play therapy




toys for american girl handicapable dolls

Parallel & Uneven Bars



Sold Out Entirely

Sold Out - Hopefully Back in Stock by Spring!!!!



Plaid Suitcase

(The picture shows what it looks like open and closed.  This is for one suitcase only)


(The Sew ABLE Dolls all come with crutches but you can order an extra set or a set separate from the doll)

dolls injured going to hospital doll crutches for ill dolls



One Suitcase







Cutest "Scrubs"

Perfect for 18" dolls

A very cute outfit to dress the boy or girl doll in and pretend they are a doctor.  Includes blue pants, blue top, hat, white mask, and a labcoat.  So cute!

Doctor Outfit




play therapy dolls disabled children

Nurses Uniform

Perfect for 18" dolls

A very cute outfit to dress the girl dolls up to look like a nurse.  The white uniform has a button down front with collar and a pocket on each side.  Also included is a nurses hat and belt.  White shoes not included.

Nurses Uniform




 Sew *ABLE*® and Special  Like ME...

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disabled dolls  




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18 inch disabled dolls

dolls with disabilities





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