These dolls were made e"special'ly for children undergoing amputations or going through chemotherapy. They have been used by teachers to help classmates understand certain disabilities and by doctors to help children learn how to put on their prosthesis. Grandmothers, grandfathers, moms and dads, aunts, uncles, friends, doctors, therapists and hospitals have all shared these dolls with the children they love. We'd like to get the word out that these Sew *ABLE* dolls are available and waiting to be adopted and loved. They are 18 inches tall and can share clothing with other popular 18" dolls. They all come with a pair of crutches. We have had requests for dolls with other limb differences and ethnicities and we are working on that forthe future. The dolls were created by me after I spent a few years counseling the most adorable children in a children's psych hospital and I saw the relationship these chlidren had to their dolls, dressing them alike.... even the hairstyles were changed to look like their own. It left me thinking about the children out there who were dealing with physical disabilities. I wondered if they had any dolls they could had a heart for all children with other types of disabilities. It was a feeling that wouldn't leave me alone. I wondered if children with physical disabilities had a doll that resembled themselves.... or ones they could change to look like themselves. I was saddened to see there weren't any all vinyl dolls like the other popular 18 inch dolls. But after seeing the price of creating a high quality vinyl doll in the U.S. or overseas, I better understood why. What I could not understand is why the bigger manufacturers didn't make any. They had already made one of the most popular dolls on the market but for some reason, did not continue to manufacture dolls similar to this. The amazing part is that this particular doll sold the biggest seller of dolls when a disability was linked to the doll. But if the big companies weren't going to focus on helping children with disabilities then I certainly would try, somehow, someway, someday! I knew it would happen but had no idea how long it would take or what obstacles I would face to make this doll real!

I will save this area to add onto for those of you who would like to know what went on during the years we tried to create, manufacture, patent and make this doll a reality. Since they were created, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and she went through chemotherapy for weeks on end and invasive surgery. Today, just 2 years later, she is doing well. Her favorite item that we make, is of course, the scarf and baseball hat. I bought her a baseball hat that she wore almost everyday. Please understand, this all happened after the dolls had been created. We had no idea any of us would go through Cancer and deal personally with what it's like to have all the treatments. I know she understands much better than me, how important these dolls are. My mom is my best friend and she is the reason this doll business continues. She is there always! She is the one who ships your items to you and makes sure they get to the right address. She is also the seamstress of some of the outfits we have.

My dad, my other best friend :) has given his time and energy to run the business and write the checks for business expenses. As a dad, he is wonderful and irreplaceable. As an accountant he is purely amazing. Feel free to add your ideas. Also, I hope you can be patient with the changes to the dolls. We are 3 people in this business and we would love more than ever to make all the changes tomorrow. We were only allowed one "style" of doll in a very large production run, so we chose to have one above-the-knee amputation and prosthesis, and one below-the-knee amputation and prosthesis (all on the same doll). It's been a long trip, but it's all been worth it when we hear from the parents and children who receive the Sew *ABLE* and Special Like Me dolls. We have donated to many in our country and numerous other countries overseas. We have done this as much as possible but unfortunately we do not have the funds to give them all away. I would love to do that but the business would surely go under and no new dolls would be able to be created. To be added onto at a later time... Please feel free to add your comments.